Check with Jay Fire Chief if you need a Fire Works permit for anytime of the year.
Permit is needed for certain Fireworks under  VT State Law!

Specifically permitted: Sparklers less than 14" long with no more than 20 grams of pyrotechnic mixture. Novelty sparkling items limited to snakes, party poppers, glow worms, smoke devices, string poppers, snappers, or drop pops with no more than 0.25 grains of explosive mixture, and that are in compliance with CPSC regulations.

Specifically prohibited: Firecrackers, skyrockets, roman candles, torpedoes, and daygo bombs.

Display permit: Apply to local authorities, Jay Volunteer Fire Chief, at least 15 days before display date. If you are uncertain if you need a permit, Call Chief Scott Rappold to inform him of your plans.

Insurance: No amount specified in state law but may be required by local authorities.

Operator: No license specifically required in state law but display must be under competent operator approved by local authorities in area where display is to be held.

Enforcing Authority:  Local: Jay Volunteer Fire Chief, Scott Rappold, 802.988.4772, 802.383.8199

Law Number: Acts of General Assembly No. 93, 1953  Updated: 6/08.
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