Snow Plowing Policy, No Parking on Town Roads

Motion passed by Jay Select Board at 02.01.2010 Meeting -

The Town of Jay is not responsible for vegetation, structures,  fences or mailboxes within the Town highway right-of-way damaged during snowplowing. (Title 19 V.S.A.904,111) State law prohibits plowing, blowing, or shoveling of snow across or onto a Town or State Highway. Violators may be subject to a fine or penalty and may also be liable for damage to property, vehicles, and any undue cost to the Town for removal of the snow. In addition, the actual cost for the specific equipment and manpower used to remove this snow may be charged to the private property owner, with a minimum charge of one hour per Road Department personnel and equipment.

Especially during winter months please do not park on town roads, it is dangerous for the Jay Road Crew. You may be towed or ticketed after your first warning.  


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