FPF (Front Porch Forum) Now Available in Every Vermont Town, Sign up today!
Great way to communicate with neighbors!
Great way to communicate with neighbors!

 Live in Vermont?  Join your town's FPF today

What's new? 

Front Porch Forum has been going strong in dozens of Vermont neighborhoods and towns including Jay and Westfield... and as of September 2013 it's available across the entire state!  Join today!  Check out FPF's coverage area

FPF helps neighbors connect and build community by hosting regional networks of online neighborhood forums.  People use FPF to find lost dogs, report car break-ins, recommend plumbers, borrow ladders, discuss local current events, announce yard sales and public meetings, and much more.  And this is all done with clearly identified nearby neighbors. 

A special thanks to the Vermont Digital Economy Project of the Vermont Council on Rural Development for their vision and support in bringing FPF  to every single Vermont communit

Please let friends and family know that Front Porch Forum is available, and encourage them to sign up!  Only through more participation, will these towns realize the full community-building benefits of FPF.  To sign up go to: http://frontporchforum.com

Why join Front Porch Forum?
FPF hosts online neighborhood/town forums where nearby neighbors connect and get involved in their local community.  In this era of busyness and individual isolation, where it’s hard to find volunteers for local committees and people increasingly don’t know their neighbors, Front Porch Forum helps people meet those around them and talk about issues.  And it’s free.

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