Training meetings are every 1st, 3rd & 4th Wednesday evening at the Jay Volunteer Fire Dept. at 6:30pm.

Training may consist of pump testing, rolling hoses and cleaning fire equipment after a fire, maintenance of fire trucks and fire station, fire hydrant testing at Jay Peak. Weekly training is mandatory for all fire fighters whether they be veterans or new.  

Fire fighters also attend day long training sessions either right in Jay or surrounding towns.

It is crucial for the Mutual Aid Fire Departments to learn to work together as most Fire Deptartments need to call on other departments to come to their aid during a fire with either tankers, rescue trucks,  ariel ladder truck and/or manpower..

Attached Document or FileExtrication Course Photos 2007  See photos from 2007 Extrication Course that include members from 5 Mutual Aid Fire Depts. Local fire departments are right behind the Ambulance when it comes to car accidents. Training is crucial both for the safety of the people in the car/truck/bus and the first responders. Ambublance workers have also taken Extrication courses in the past to familiarize themselves with the techniques of Extrication.
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