North Country Supervisory Union


The Town of Jay is a member of the North Country Supervisory Union which also includes  the towns of the City of Newport, Newport Town, Derby, Charleston, Jay, Troy, North Troy, Coventry, Brighton, Holland, Morgan, Westfield, and Lowell.  The NCSU comprises the largest supervisory union in the state and is headquartered in the city of Newport, Vermont.

The NCSU, formerly known as the "Orleans-Essex North Supervisory Union, maintains one elementary school for each of the towns mentioned. Jay and Westfield students attend the Jay /Westfield Joint Elementary School and Troy and North Troy students go to the Troy Elementary School.

The district also supports the North Country Union Junior High School in Derby, VT whose K-6 feeder schools are:  Jay-Westfield, Derby, Newport, and E. Taylor Hatton ( Morgan). The remaining schools in the district are K-8 schools.

 NCSU also maintains North Country Union High School and North Country Career Center located in Newport, VT as the only Public High School / Career Center in the district, serving all of the towns in the North Country Supervisory Union.

Attached Document or FileNorth Country Supervisory Union  Visit the NCSU website for information on all of the schools in the district and district-wide incentives, programs and staffing
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