There are two cemeteries in the town of Jay:  Jay Center Cemetery, located on the Cemetery Road, is the larger and more well known one and the other one is known as The Wright Cemetery, which is located off Rt. 105 on the West Jay Road.


The history of the cemeteries is unfortunately sparse.  What we do know is that the oldest recorded burial at the Jay Center Cemetery dates back to 1830.  There are 4 deeds that contributed to this cemetery:  1843, 7rd x 9 rd; 1864, 3/4 ac.; 1905, +/- 1 ac; 1935, 1/4 ac. 

Want to buy a burial plot?

To buy a plot it is best to see the selectboard, but since they are sometimes difficult to reach people have been contacting the town clerk instead.

These are the various options:

1 plot (AKA 4 - person plot)  (10' x 20')        -        $100
1/2 plot (AKA 2 - person plot) (10' x 10')      -         $ 50
1/4 plot (for 2, if for cremations)                  -         $ 25

In need of a burial for a love one?

In the unfortunate event that you need to bury a love one, please contact Harold Morse.

Price of a burial?





1.  Headstones must be situated in a row.

2.  Flowers and small shrubs must be within a one foot area of the headstone.

3.  No decorative fencing allowed inside the cemetery.

The above rules allow the town to keep cleaning and mowing costs at a minimum, since perpetual fees are not charged.

Interesting factoids:

There was a section reserved for babies/young children.  It is located in the northeast corner of the Jay Center Cemetery.

Professional and amateur genealogists come in droves in the summertime.  They can be recognized by their laptops and good walking shoes. We welcome them.


Is the first U.S. Supreme Court Judge John Jay, whom the town of Jay is named after, buried in the cemetery?

There is an old tombstone with the name John Jay, but that is John Jay Fuller, who died at 2 yrs, 9 mos, 20 days on Sept. 20, 1860.  John Jay is buried in Rye, NY. 

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