Refuse Collection & Burning
Refuse Collection - The town of Jay does not provide any town-wide garbage collection services. It is up to each resident to arrange for the disposal of their garbage. There are a number of trash pickup services that service the area for you to choose from.

Burning - 

Warning: It is illegal to burn your trash in the State of Vermont.
Violators can be fined for each occurrence. 

Illegal to burn trash in Vermont

Jay Fire Warden Contact Kurtis Johnson for permits and questions, cell number 207.337.8827.  

You need a permit for any outside burning, unless the ground is covered by snow

Fire permits are not needed as long as there is snow on the ground where you are burning. However  burning regulations are still in effect as to what you may and not may burn. Check the weather for wind conditions, please burn safely. It is always wise to call the Fire Warden whenever you are burning so that he and the Jay Vol Fire Dept are aware of the situation.  

Every Spring as we transition from snow covered ground to green grass and leaf covered trees, we incur a phase called “pre-greenup”. This is when the ground is bare, brown and dry due to dormant grasses, dead leaves and other debris. This material can burn easily, and given the right weather conditions, fires can quickly get out of control. These weather conditions are quite common in April and May, thus now is the time to educate ourselves and those in our communities about risk factors associated with open burning by going to Vermont Emergency Management, a division of Public Safety web site..

Anyone with plans to do open burning should be aware of Vermont’s peak fire season (fire season is actually April thru November). Follow instructions regarding open burning. Pay attention to weather and fuel conditions as these elements change. The Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation along with the National Weather Service provide critical fire danger and weather data to keep you informed of conditions that could lead to the development of large and/or dangerous wildfires. That data can be found at the National Weather Service Burlington web site  and click on the FireWeather link; or the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation site at and click on the Forestry, Protection links.  

If a fire gets out of control you may be fined by the Fire Warden and sent a bill
by the Jay Volunteer Fire Dept if you did not call for permission.

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