Public Hearing Land Aquisition
Tuesday, July 9, 2024 at 6:00 PM
to Tuesday, July 9, 2024 at 7:00 PM

Jay Land Acquisition Project

The Town of Jay Selectboard has been working with a number of interested parties which include the Missisquoi River Basin Association, Rural Edge, Vermont Land Trust, Catamount Trail Association, Country Riders Snowmobile Club & the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation & the Vermont Wetlands Program, to acquire a 194 acre parcel of land located near the center of the Town of Jay which is currently held by the Receivership of Jay Peak Inc.


This parcel lies in the flood plain of the Jay Branch and has been identified as a significant wetland which ecologically functions as flood protection, water purification, groundwater recharge and wildlife habitat/transportation corridor. The wetland designation makes it undesirable for most conventional development of housing or commercial uses. This collaborative project aims to leverage and support the physical features of the parcel with the goal being to integrate community uses while sustaining and protecting the vital ecosystem services present on the site. Some of the benefits of community ownership that have been identified by the committee includes:  

  • A much needed fire pond and dry hydrant conveniently  located near the Jay Fire Department  for public safety and protection
  • A planned unit affordable housing complex on the developable portion of the land possibly for seniors or the workforce population  (Rural Edge)
  • Multi-use recreational areas which will preserve the current VAST & Catamount trails
  • Conservation and restoration of an important natural area through the development of a conservation native tree & plant nursery that will propagate vegetation for clean water projects throughout northern Vermont. (Missisquoi River Basin Association)
  • An outdoor education space conveniently located across from the Jay Westfield School and JCRC
  • Establishment of a flood resilient space through a river corridor easement designed to mitigate flooding and improve surface water quality (VT Department of Conservation and The Vermont Wetlands Program)
  • A community “green space” in the heart of Jay for community members and visitors alike to enjoy



Your Selectboard unanimously feels the acquisition of this parcel of land and the planned developments stated above would be a once in a lifetime opportunity that would benefit the whole community and can be done with little to no effect on town taxes. There are funding sources available to the town and its interested partners, to create the proposed functions mentioned above as well as a number of funding opportunities to help offset the lost tax revenue resulting from the purchase the property such as the use of ARPA funds or the possible sale/leasing of portions of the land to one of the interested partners.  We hope that you will support our efforts to do what is best for our Town and its community members. Thank you for your support.


Prepared by the Jay Selectboard:

Dave Sanders, Le-Ann Tetrault & Tara Morse

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