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The Jay Community Center is available for rent.


Contact Jay Town Clerk, Lynnette Deaette or one of the Jay Community Committee members or Select Board Members for more information. The  rental guidelines and fees are posted  here for your information.
You may print them out and bring to Jay Town Hall or fill out on-line application and pay via PayPal.





All Uses of the JayTown Hall upstairs Meeting Rooms and/or JayCommunity Center (downstairs of JayTown Hall) need be approved by the Jay Select Board and the Jay Community Center Committee Representative with approval by the Jay Town Clerk. It is critical that all uses be logged in with the Jay Town Clerk as to be able to generate usage calendar and to avoid conflicts of use.


ARTICLE 1: No organization, group or individual shall rent or use the upstairs or downstairs or any of the grounds of the Jay Town Hall for gain or profit.;


  • Exceptions include Schools or organizations that hold fundraisers.
  • Any group, organization or individual that uses the JayCommunity Center and/or upstairs meeting rooms for the purpose of raising funds to benefit a group will be charged the renters/users fee.  All users will pay at best a minimal fee.
  • Minimal Fee exceptions include Jay Focus Group,  Jay/Westfield Elem. School, and other local groups as voted on by Jay Community Center Committee  and Jay Select Board with approval by Jay Town Clerk.
  • Any other request for usage that doesn’t fall into the categories listed in the bylaws will need to come before the Jay Community Center Committee and the Jay Select Board  with approval by the Jay Town Clerk. Each request will be dealt with on an individual basis.
  • Fees collected will go to Community Center  for upgrades, extra cleaning if necessary or other purposes so designated by the Jay Select Board.

    ARTICLE 2:  Considered Usage of the downstairs kitchen.
  • Using the refrigerator for storage of items or supplies to be used for any event that the Community Center is rented for.
  • Using the dishes, silverware or cookware
  • Using the Microwave, coffee pots.
  • All supplies (Including coffee, tea, sugar, bottled water etc)  in the cupboards, refrigerator, and pantry including all dishes, utensils and cookware belong to Jay Town Hall/Jay Community Center Committee, and are not to be used without express permission given at the time of Rental
  •  If the kitchen is rented, it is the responsibility of the renter/user to sweep and mop the kitchen floor, to make sure all counter tops and other surfaces are clean and if used the coffee pot is unplugged.                                                                                                       



  • Attendance limited to no more than 75 people for an indoor event.
  • Tables and chairs are the property of the town of Jay and/or the Jay Community Center Committee and do not leave the premises.
  • Nothing is to be nailed, taped or otherwise attached to the walls or ceilings as to leave a mark.
  • All speakers, microphones and sound system equipment are the property of the Town of Jay/and or Jay Community Center Committee. These are to be used for Town functions. They are not to be used by renters/users unless listed in application and approved.
  • No animals other than certified working animals are allowed inside the JayTown Hall building.
  • Building is non smoking, drug free and alcohol free. There will be no exceptions. 



  • Jay Area Community Food Shelf
  • Jay Town Meetings if not held at Jay Vol Fire Dept or upstairs meetings rooms of JayTown Hall
  • Large meetings for Jay Town business that cannot be accommodated upstairs of Jay Town Hall or the Jay Vol Fire Dept.
  • Missisquoi Ambulance Monthly Board meeting on 1st Tuesday of the Month or special ambulance meeting with approval by Jay Town Clerk determined by calendar usage.
  • Use of the downstairs area for supplemental Jay/Westfield Elementary School Kindergarten if such an occasion arises in the future.
  • All others on a first come, first assign basis.
  • JayCommunity Center is not reserved until deposit and rent is paid for the day requested. Once date is booked and deposit received above exceptions do not apply.




  • Jay Select Board Meetings
  • Troy/Jay Sewer Board Meetings
  • Planning Commission and Zoning Board Meetings
  • Jay Focus Group Meetings
  • JayVt.com Web site Meetings
  • Jay Land Trust Meetings
  • Jay Signage Committee Meetings
  • Jay Community Center Committee Meetings
  • Upstairs Meeting Rooms are not reserved until deposit and rent is paid for the day requested. Once date is booked and deposit received above exceptions do not apply.



  • There will be no charge or security deposit required for any official town of Jay meetings, Jay Focus Group functions, Missisquoi Ambulance Monthly meeting or Jay Community Food Shelf.
  • There will be at most a nominal charge for use of the town hall center by Jay residents, although a full security deposit will be required..
  • The charge for residents will be $25. This is for the use of the hall only. If the kitchen is to be used, the fee will be an additional $50.
  • The deposit that is required by residents and non-residents will be $100 (check or cash). This deposit will be refunded after the hall is checked for cleanliness and/or damages. Failure to return the key is considered damage. Failure to  remove the garbage that accumulated from your use will be considered damage
  • The charge for non-residents will be $50 plus $50 for use of kitchen. This is for the use of the DOWNSTAIRS HALL only. Plus $100. refundable deposit.
  • There will be minimal charge per day for all civic groups and non-profit groups of $15.00 unless otherwise specified.
  • The fee for upstairs meeting room is determined by Jay Select Board with a minimal fee of $50.00 per day plus refundable security deposit.




  • Any individual or group that has a prior history of failure to leave the JayTown Hall in good condition may be rejected for future use of the town hall.   

Renter’s insurance may be required depending on use of room(s) and outside areas.

As part of this rental agreement the applicant assumes full responsibility for:

  • Cleaning, repairing and/or restoring the facilities to their as rented condition.
  • Removal of garbage, Lights turned off. Heat if used turned down to 60 degrees
  • Doors locked, Key returned in timely manner
  • Restoration shall be accomplished prior to the next scheduled usage of the facility or within 24 hrs of function.  Ex: A Sunday rental may require cleaning and/or repairs prior to Monday at 8am. Failure to accomplish such items will result in its accomplishment under the direction of the Jay Community Center Committee/Jay Select Board Member or the Jay Town Clerk. Applicable costs will be deducted from the security deposit. If such restoration exceeds the amount of the deposit the applicant shall be billed for the excess cost.
  • Failure to follow the requirements of the rental agreement and/or guidelines will forfeit the return of the security deposit and continued use of Town Hall.

 Jay Resident
Meeting Room
Kitchen $50.00$50.00
Outside Grounds$25.00$50.00

Upstairs Meeting
Room per room

Minimal Fee$15.00$15.00
Security Deposit
Separate Check or Cash



Attached Document or FileClick here!  Fill out Application and Pay via Pay Pal
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